The crisis in the offshore sector left deep marks on Dutch companies. Over the last year and a half, thousands of jobs have already disappeared in the sector, with reorganizations and layoffs at reputable companies. However, published results of the major oil companies show a different picture.


The very positive results are attributed to, among other things, higher oil and gas prices and a sharper focus on costs. And also the outlook of the analysts for the period 2018-2020 is more positive. Again driven by an expected further improvement of oil and gas prices, the cost-saving measures taken by the industry and clear indications of an increase in the number of Financial Investment Decisions.

Also large players in the Oilfield Services (OFS) market have indicated that with the current oil price there are sufficient opportunities to make progress on a large number of subsea projects. Financial institutions predict an improvement in the OFS market from 2018. Initially, companies early in the development cycle (seismic, drilling) are expected to improve, where improvements in companies later in the cycle are expected with a few years delay.

The decommissioning market will also become interesting as there are hundreds of platforms on the North Sea that will have to be removed in the next ten years. The offshore wind market will also play an increasingly important role for the OFS companies. Innovation and expansion of scale coupled with competitive market-driven government tenders form the basis for the continuous decrease in costs for offshore wind energy. The authorities in Europe have the ambition to add 60 GW of additional capacity between 2020 and 2030. Offshore wind has become a mainstream energy source.

The coming years will be challenging years for our industry, but in the coming decade there will be plenty of opportunities both in the field of conventional energy and sustainable energy for this sector. The industry has made a great contribution to the recovery by realizing large cost savings in both conventional and renewable energy. By working well together, the Dutch cluster will come out of this crisis stronger than before. The Dutch business community shows how it uses the years of offshore experience in the Netherlands and abroad. Dutch offshore companies have the right knowledge, experience and equipment to maintain their position internationally among the top suppliers.

We are proud to present to you the Netherlands Suppliers Catalogue 2018, which gives a clear overview of the activities, products and services of Dutch oil, gas and offshore renewable suppliers. It has been compiled with great care and can also be found online at

Our members look forward to working with you and we are sure this catalogue will help you to do business successfully!

Sander Vergroessen
Managing Director

IRO - The Association of Dutch Suppliers in the Oil and Gas Industry and Offshore Renewable Industry