Allseas Engineering B.V. 3. Contracting, installation and transport

Allseas Engineering B.V.

Poortweg 12
2612 PA Delft
The Netherlands
+31 (0)15 2681800

Allseas Engineering B.V. Allseas is a world-leading contractor in the offshore energy market, with dynamism, rapid progress and pioneering spirit at its core. To stay ahead of the industry, they develop tomorrows technology today, transforming bold ideas into state-of-the-art solutions to meet the markets ever changing needs. 

Their contracting expertise traditionally lies in ultra-deepwater and large diameter pipelay and subsea installation. With the introduction of Pioneering Spirit, they added transportation, installation and decommissioning of offshore facilities to their core business. 

More recently, they developed a full-scale collection system to recover polymetallic nodules responsibly 4.5 kilometres beneath the ocean surface. These nodules contain high grades of manganese, cobalt and nickel – metals required to manufacture batteries for storing renewable energy and powering electric vehicles. 

Specialised fleet
Designed and optimised in-house, Allseas fleet of record-breaking construction and support vessels are fitted with the most advanced equipment and systems. When it comes to speed, reliability, efficiency and capability, their dynamically positioned pipelay vessels have shaped the offshore pipelay industry into what it is today, setting new standards for heavy, deep-water pipelines.  

Allseas heavy lift and pipelay vessel Pioneering Spirit is a game-changer. Built to install and remove entire offshore platforms in a single lift, and lay pipelines in unlimited water depths, the worlds largest construction vessel boasts versatility and capability unrivalled anywhere in the offshore industry. 

Dare to pioneer
As new markets emerge, so do opportunities to apply their engineering expertise to develop new technology that will play a key role in the energy transition, and optimise existing solutions to drive efficiency and minimise the potential environmental impact.

Allseas supports clients already in the conceptual design stage and offer services for project management, engineering, fabrication, installation, removal and commissioning. Based in Delft, Allseas Engineering has more than 900 employees, and provides project management and engineering services to the Allseas Group.