Van Meeuwen Lubrication 4. Equipment & materials supply

Van Meeuwen Lubrication

Leeuwenveldseweg 5A
1382 LV Weesp
The Netherlands
+31 (0)294 494494

Van Meeuwen Lubrication - Make the difference with high performance (biodegradable) lubricants

  • Optimal wear and corrosion protection
  • For all conditions and applications
  • Exceptionally high lubricating film strength
  • With higher reliability and lower TCO 
  • Outstanding adhesion and high water resistance
  • Biodegradable

In the maritime and offshore industry Van Meeuwen specializes in challenges from a lubrication perspective. For maximum safety, durability and reliability. For maximum performance with less lubricants.

With a proven track record in every branch of industry, Van Meeuwen has provided lubrication solutions and customised lubrication maintenance for over 85 years.

Your challenges: 

  • Performance: Rotating equipment operating under extreme conditions
  • License to operate: Increasingly strict environmental requirements 
  • Financial: Cost/performance in balance

Your benefits:

  • More uptime
  • Less spare parts
  • Less maintenance
  • Less costs

Example of applications and lubrication challenges:

  • All: Minimizing types and volumes of lubricants
  • Hydraulics: Change to biodegradable oil without issues on seals and coatings
  • Jacking systems: Minimizing volume while maximizing performance for Rack and Pinion 
  • Wire ropes: Extending life time of the rope and minimizing lubrication frequency
  • Stern tubes and thrusters: Switching to biodegradable lubricants while increasing life time of the products


Patrick Kostelijk, Sales Engineer Marine & Offshore, +31 (0) 65 234 17 17

Taco Mets, Technical Director, +31 (0)6 22 52 89 52