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De Haan Special Equipment BV

Transistorweg 3
9503 GT Stadskanaal
The Netherlands
+31 (0)599 613300

Manufacturer De Haan SE makes the talent of its employees part of its business concept
Located in the north part of the Netherlands, De Haan Special Equipment designs, manufactures, tests and delivers lifting blocks and steel-wire rope sockets for many worldwide manufacturers. The company’s ties to the Netherlands dates back to 1898, when De Haan SE started as a natural rope manufacturer and then developed into one of the world’s top three suppliers of special equipment. 

Working fields and market needs
Nowadays, De Haan’s products are predominantly used in the offshore industry and in large building projects, such as the construction of windmills. The company’s target group for lifting blocks includes manufacturers of ports, ships, factories and mobile cranes. Quality management is an obvious part of its operating process and so is Quick Response Manufacturing. De Haan SE relies on many factors to accomplish optimal quality of process and product. For example, the company is completely ISO 9001-2015 certified. It has load testing certification, factory certification of DNV and ABS, type approvals, which can be provided within deliveries if necessary. This proves that the company is a guaranteed professional partner that focuses on quality and safety. De Haan SE works with Quick Response Manufacturing. This innovative strategy improves the response time by reducing the time to market in the complete delivery chain. This upgrade in logistics means proven added value to the process of our clients.

Qualities consolidated in a Dutch company
All of De Haan’s research and development takes place in the Netherlands, its home turf. The company’s personnel are trained on-site because of the specialised material. De Haan SE is proud of the heritage and the quality of the employees. For that reason the business concept reflects all their talents, such as a constant focus on a high service level in the customer service centre and the distribution of product information in a digital product platform on which the customers submit a quotation request anytime, anyplace.