Fluiconnecto B.V. 4. Equipment & materials supply

Fluiconnecto B.V.

Van der Giessenweg 9
2921 LP Krimpen aan den IJssel
The Netherlands
+31 (0)180 511411

Fluiconnecto is a leading and fast-growing international service organization, focused on hydraulics like high pressure hoses and fluid connectors, providing products and application knowledge, as well as maintenance services, to all market segments through a global network, tailored to local conditions.

Global Network 
Fluiconnecto is present in 5 continents and our services are made available at the customer’s doorstep through an ever-growing network of Hydroshops, on-site Workshops and Service on-site Vans. In addition, we supply our customers through our Online Store. We are the one-stop-shop for high-pressure hydraulics and a wide variety of fluid conveying products.

Offshore Specialists 
With a proven track record of successful achievements in hydraulics, we supply the top offshore contractors in the world with high quality products and services. Our products are the result of years of research and development by Manuli Hydraulics. Our hose assemblies have the approval of all relevant industry-recognized classification societies and have been thoroughly tested in the field to provide maximum safety and performance. We are well known for our capacity to flush and clean small and large bore hoses to prevent contamination of your system. 

Offshore Product range
Full range of high pressure hydraulic hoses for all hydraulic applications including rotary hoses, choke and kill, blow out preventer hoses, cementing hoses, wireline grease hoses and motion compensator hoses. We also supply a wide range of hydraulic connections, quick couplings and other accessories. 

Offshore Services 
We are available for 24/7 on site maintenance, hydraulic services, repairs and overhauls for on-, near- and offshore. For full project service on your location - from measurement till mounting. We can also support you with our other services as Risk Based Inspection, Preventive Maintenance and the Fluiconnecto Hose Management Program.

Ronald van Ooijen, Manager Service & Projects, ronald.vanooijen@fluiconnecto.nl