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Mokveld Valves

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The Netherlands
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The vision of Mokveld Valves in The Netherlands is that the world’s energy, water and material demand can be met in a sustainable way, with a responsible and environmentally safe use of our planet’s resources.

High availability
Mokveld contributes to this by developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment and services, based on innovative technology and best available techniques (BAT). The full scope of Mokveld valves is H2 ready. 

High integrity valve systems and associated services enabling enhanced production, improved safety, reduced (GHG) emissions and noise levels, power savings and minimised footprint, all this at high availability and lower operational and life-cycle costs. These are benefits that serve the environment and society as well as the economy, enabling our customers to meet and exceed their business targets. 

A true zero emission valve
Moreover, Mokveld’s latest valve is a unique and environmentally sound innovation: a true zero emission valve! Integration of the actuator inside the valve removes the need for a dynamic stem seal thus eliminating the main potential leak path of common valve designs with external actuators.

On top of the zero external leakage throughout the lifetime of the valve, this valve offers very low electric power requirements, extreme accuracy and our well-known axial design with the inherent streamlined flow path, high capacity and low weight. All benefits have a positive effect on the opex and GHG emission reduction scopes allowing energy companies to achieve their net-zero goals.