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Heat Transfer Systems
Konutherm BV designs HTF - Heat Transfer Fluid Systems for the Marine & Offshore, Inland Tankers and Petro-Chemical Industry.

  • Thermal Oil Systems - up to 400°C 
  • Hot water / glycol boilers 
  • Exhaust Gas Heat Recovery (economizers for main engines)

Konutherm (former Konus Kessel / GekaKonus NL) supplied more than thousand marine cargo- and fuel heating systems for dredgers, heavy lifters, chemical tankers, bulk-carriers, FSOÆs, MPV’s, roro/lolo vessels, ferries, inland vessels and even on super mega yachts, etc.

Konutherm specializes in the design of heavy duty marine heat transfer systems with heat recovery economizers for vessel fuel optimisation. Our heating systems are designed for minimum downtime and tailor made according the specific heat demands and requirements of shipowners and classification bodies.

Konutherm heat transfer systems are also frequently used in chemical and oil & gas processes, bitumen & asphalt plants, paint & textile & printing industry, food & beverage, production platforms, soil conditioning, etc.

Typical advantages of the Konutherm systems:

  • Advanced system design to achieve minimum fuel and energy consumption 
  • High efficient gas- and oil-fired heaters designed for continuous operation 
  • Exhaust gas heaters (economizers) designed for maximum heat recovery and minimum fouling
  • Economizer internal exhaust gas coil protection valve to eliminate dumpcooler requirement
  • European manufactured components 
  • Reliable heat transfer systems with minimum service and maintenance intervals 
  • No cracking/degradation of thermal oil

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