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Fugro N.V.

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2260 AA Leidschendam
The Netherlands
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Fugro, the worlds leading Geo-data specialist, wants to help create a safe and liveable world. We do this by supporting our clients in designing, building and operating assets safely, reliably and sustainably. As pioneers in understanding Earth, we contribute to the global energy transition, safe infrastructure, urban and coastal resilience, and protecting the natural environment.

Geo-data lies at the heart of our work: information related to the earths surface, subsurface, and everything people build on it. With our technology, and our people and their expertise, we acquire Geo-data, analyse it, and use it to advise our clients.

In the coming decades, population growth, urbanisation and climate change will increase the need for energy, water, food, roads, railways, buildings, airports and flood defences. With significant global and environmental challenges on the horizon, we are helping our clients to act now by developing and operating assets in the most safe, sustainable and efficient way possible. 

We support clients in dealing with present and future challenges by providing high-quality, trustworthy information throughout project life cycles. From the outset, our detailed site characterisations facilitate the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure, helping to ensure that projects progress according to plan and within budget.

Fugro also provides information on the precise location and condition of assets as they are built and operated - a great opportunity for us to help optimise their reliability, use and longevity.

We use our specialised assets and digital integrated solutions to support a wide range of clients in the energy, infrastructure and water markets. With close to ten thousand highly talented employees operating in 59 countries, we have a global reach combined with a local presence.