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Smitsvonk Holland B.V.

Goudstraat 6
2718 RC Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
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Smitsvonk has been established for more than 75 years and is a company that specializes in gas and electric ignition systems. The ignition systems engineered by Smitsvonk are based on high energy capacitor discharge. This very reliable principle allows continuous operation under the worst possible conditions, year after year. Contamination from moisture, dirt, water and oil do not adversely affect the operation of the ignition systems. Smitsvonk ignition systems are used for a host of industrial combustion processes, ranging from small-scale applications such as the ignition of small industrial oven’s to the ignition of burners in coal-fired power stations. The main market focus is the petrochemical industry, on and off shore, for flares, burners and incineration systems. Smitsvonk has its own design, manufacture and test facilities, in which all products are made and functionally tested. Smitsvonk is part of the Durag Group, a worldwide supplier and developer of measurement, control and combustion technology. A more comprehensive introduction to the Durag Group can be found at

Product overview
Ignition burners from 10 to 1500 kW

Pilot burners from 5 to 50 kW for all kinds of gasses and pressures
Pilot burner design acc. to API 537 / ISO 25457
Ignition units:

- Electronic

- Explosion proof executions

- Flame front panels

- Mobile/portable

Sparkplugs and lances:

- For burner ignition

- For direct flare ignition

- For gas turbines

Control systems for automatic ignition

Start up, service and commissioning

ISO 9001, VCA*, ATEX 2014/34/EU and IECEx certified

Hans Gon, Managing Director

Alwin Vermoolen, Sales and Project Manager