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Van Oord Offshore B.V.

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Van Oord
Van Oord operates around the world as a leading contractor for dredging, marine engineering and offshore energy projects, offering innovative solutions to marine challenges.
The growth of the global economy and the expanding world population are generating an increasing demand for energy worldwide. To meet this global demand for energy Van Oord delivers offshore installation projects. We provide integrated, innovative and sustainable solutions with a focus on the installation, stabilisation and protection for the offshore energy infrastructure.

Coastal Energy infrastructure
Van Oord provides integrated solutions for coastal energy infrastructure projects.
Deploying our in-house specialists and installation assets, including linear winches, multi-purpose construction vessels, a shallow water pipe lay barge and dredging equipment, allows us to execute Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts in the field of landfall construction, trenching and backfilling, shallow water pipeline and cable installation and Single Point Mooring (SPM) installation.

Offshore Wind
Van Oord is leading the way in the energy transition towards renewable energy by constructing offshore wind projects. We furnish all-round solutions, often as turnkey projects including engineering, procurement, and construction in order to assume full responsibility for entire projects for our clients.
We focus on Balance of Plant contracts (BoP, all supporting components and auxiliary systems other than the wind turbines) and on transport and installation (T&I) projects

Subsea Rock Installation

Van Oord is market leader in the seabed intervention technique Subsea Rock Installation (SRI). Our fleet of flexible fallpipe vessels enable us to stabilise and protect offshore pipelines, cables, wind turbine foundations and other installations.
Working with high accuracy and efficiency in water depths from five to 1,500 metres with materials from sand to 600-kilogram rock.

Ocean Health
In 2021, Van Oord launched its Ocean Health programme. The programme underlines the role of the ocean in slowing down climate change. We aim to contribute to a healthy ocean by reintroducing balance in this complex system. Our focus is on stimulating biodiversity and creating healthier oceans through the preservation, restoration and creation of ecosystems. Activities include coral reef rehabilitation, the conservation and restoration of mangroves and seaweed farming.